Strong Suit is a collection of men’s suits and sport coats tailor-made for the modern young gun.

They are slim-fitting, exhibit quality construction, and most importantly, they are affordable. "Men in their twenties and thirties want high-quality, polished suits, but can't always afford the higher-end ones, which is why Strong Suit is really a pioneer in making suits of exceptional quality at an affordable price," said Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys. Strong Suits have a canvas front within the chest that forms to the wearer’s figure over time, a feature rarely found in suits that cost less than $1,000, Ryan explains.

The craftsmanship is exceptional, meanwhile the look is very modern. Strong Suit apparel exudes sprezzatura, an Italian word that essentially means "studied carelessness." In fashion terms, sprezzatura refers to the mixing of tailored and casual apparel, giving the appearance of effortless sophistication. To put it even more simply, a Strong Suit suit makes the wearer look like he just wakes up, throws on the first suit he grabs, and voilà, he's the coolest guy on the planet.

"Nonchalant but sophisticated is an emerging trend among younger suit shoppers, likely because suits are become less of a need and more of want. So it's important that a suit expresses their personality and sense of style," Ryan adds.

Harleys has a whole line of Strong Suits in the store, so stop in an try some on. Find us here.

May 08, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Suiting

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