Rubber shoes are rarely attractive (Crocs, hello), which is why many men are surprised by SWIMS, a Norwegian shoe line that makes a galosh-loafer hybrid so cool and understated that it's hard to tell they're rubber. The idea for SWIMS was born out of founder Johan Ringdal's plight as a New York City art student, struggling to dress well in a city that was both highly image-conscious and frequently besieged by wet, harsh, weather. Too often his struggle resulted in discomfort and ruined shoes.

So, Ringdal got proactive and created his own solution to the practical vs. fashionable problem, using his grandfather's old galoshes as inspiration. The result was the SWIMS modern galosh--a sleek, barely noticeable rubber cover for your shoes that you slip on before leaving the house and then remove when you get to the office.

The SWIMS brand has since grown beyond just its magnificent galosh, and now make loafers and Converse-inspired high-tops that are fashionable and weather-resistant.

SWIMS are perfect for Wisconsin's rainy days and harsh winters, and even for beach day. You never know when bad weather will strike, so don't get caught in the rain...with plastic baggies wrapped around your feet. It's not a good look, trust us.

They now also make pairs that look great for summer beach trips.

Come see us at Harleys for our full selection of SWIMS shoes.

May 25, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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