Did you happen to catch the latest issue of Men's Health featuring Hugh Jackman in several pairs of Citizens of Humanity jeans? Or the May 2014 issue of Nylon, which has a blurb about the greatness of COH? If you missed them, read the former here and the latter below:
Here in Shorewood, Wisconsin, we are 2,000 miles from L.A. and 900 miles from New York City, so it can sometimes feel like we are a tad out of the loop when it comes to high fashion. BUT. Just because this is Wisconsin, it doesn't mean we aren't on the cutting edge of fashion. Thanks to Harleys, the men of Shorewood and Milwaukee can be as well-dressed as any member of the Hollywood elite. The guys at Harleys stay abreast of trends and carry tons of high-end brands sported by celebs, including the aforementioned Citizens of Humanity Jeans.
COH is world-renown, famous for their well-made, vintage-inspired blues. While all COH jeans sport a semi-distressed look, no two pairs of COH jeans are alike. Plus, COH only releases two new collections each year. So, if exclusivity is your thing, COH jeans are a must for you.
A lot goes into the construction of COH jeans, too. We will spare you the details, but it does involve 24 hours of resting, baking, hand-sanding, and re-baking the fabric. You can read about the process in detail here.
So, if you want a little taste of fame in your wardrobe, come see us at Harleys and get some Citizens of Humanity jeans. Just promise us you won't start ordering tall, iced, non-fat, no-sugar, half-caff, soy lattes at Starbucks.
May 26, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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