Your old man is a cut above the rest, we know. He raised you, taught you right from wrong, and made you who you are today. So, the least you can do for a stand up guy is get him something he'll stand out in this Father's Day. Robert Graham practically invented menswear for the dapper dad who likes to make a statement, so anything from Robert Graham will make a perfect Father's Day gift.

The Robert Graham brand began in 2000, when founder Robert Stock decided it was time menswear appealed to guys who wanted more colorful, interesting pieces. Stock started by revamping the contrast-collar dress shirt (like the ones donned by the infamous Gordon Gekko in 1984's "Wall Street") and instead of just having the trims and body be different shades of neutral, he combined intricate patterns and bright colors. He embroidered cuffs, used ribbon stitching on collars, and infused pops of colors in every piece.

Stock's formula took off, and now Robert Graham is beloved around the world.

"Robert Graham is great for the guy who doesn't just do the standard white, black, navy and beige," said Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys. "It is also great for summer. Bright colors--especially pants--are a really popular trend this season, so Robert Graham is a great, high quality way to sport the trend."

Robert Graham is indeed high quality. From dress shirts to socks, every Robert Graham piece features sophisticated tailoring and luxurious fabrics. So, RG is for the dad who likes to get a little attention and has discerning taste.

So, let your dad get the attention he deserves this Father's Day by getting him something from Robert Graham. We have a huge selection here at Harleys in Shorewood, and we'll help you pick out something he'll love.

June 11, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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