We blog about the brand Victorinox, but probably not as much as we should (especially because we are in Wisconsin, where classic, good-looking, functional apparel is a must). Victorinox is an awesome brand of cool, rugged, and relaxed menswear that is great for summer travel or dressing up an outfit.

Notably, the same company that makes the Swiss Army knife makes Victorinox, and while you can’t really compare knives with button-down shirts, you can assume that the company applies the same high-standards to its clothing that it does to its world-renowned knives.

To be fair, Victorinox doesn’t make the Trend O’Meter go off the charts, like say, Robert Graham, but that’s not Victorinox’s style. But that’s OK. Rather, the line is for men who like a classic, clean cut, sometimes a tad sporty, look.

This summer’s pieces by Victorinox’s are timeless button down shirts, which have a little stretch but keep their shape for the most part, and polos that can be worn in the office or on the green. Victorinox is great for traveling too, so if you have any plans to getaway this summer, it’s great apparel to have in your suitcase.

Come in and see our collection of Victorinox today.

June 25, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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