DL1961 Jeans

You may covet those old, worn-in-to-perfection jeans of yours, but now that spring is here in Shorewood and Milwaukee, it's time to try some new denim. Besides, there exists a line of jeans designed to fit your body just the way they're supposed to, right from the first time you try them on. So, really, they're just like your old jeans, but newer (and no fraying at the bottoms). These magical jeans are DL1961's, a New York City-based denim line.

DL1961 jeans contain a special type of Lycra, which allows the denim to mold and contour to your body, for the most flattering silhouette. Also, the Lycra helps the jeans retain their shape for...well, pretty much ever. So, no more saggy, baggy, or sad bottoms, no matter how many times you wash them.

DL1961 jeans also ace the "feel test," so not only do they look good, they feel good too. And they come in a variety of fits, because nothing's worse than an itchy, scratchy, or ahem...tight...pair of jeans.

Put simply, a pair of DL1961's are probably going to become your next pair of coveted jeans. It's a bold statement, but we stand behind it.

Here at Harleys, we have DL1961 jeans in a variety of washes and fits, so come in and see us. Find us here.

May 07, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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