If you need a belt, Harleys in Shorewood recommends W. Kleinberg. They are good looking, take years to wear in, and a lifetime to wear out. They also come in a variety of styles, so whether you are going for subtle panache or strictly sophisticated, we guarantee you will like W. Kleinberg.

Why? Because:

The design house, founded in 1984, makes all of its products in Atlanta, Georgia. The leather is sourced from various places in the U.S., and then tanned and glazed in Europe (read: fancy). They use a variety of exotic leathers, e.g. crocodile, bison, lizard, ostrich, shark, and python, but are most famous for their American Alligator men’s belts.

W. Kleinberg constructs their alligator belts primarily from belly strips of the gator. What does this mean (aside from sounding a smidge gross)? It means that the leather is one long high-quality piece (good), instead of several pieces stitched together (not as good).

Sturdy leather combined with exquisite construction makes a W. Kleinberg belt bound to last you a lifetime. The belts range from simple to statement, and come in styles for both casual and formal. Harleys has them in all sorts of colors: black, brown, brown-black, light brown, reddish brown, tan, walnut, burgundy, cognac, and more. Whew…need to catch a breath after that.

So whatever your mood, or attire, Harley’s has a W. Kleinberg belt to match. Come in and see our selection.

April 29, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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