I always respect a man who pays attention to his socks. Since socks spend most of their time covered by pant legs, many men think them unworthy of attention. But dress socks are the easiest way to express a mood, and represent a high level of personal care, so when a man flashes some brightly colored or patterned ankle, I silently give him props.

Of course, not all statement socks are created equal. Those by VK Nagrani, a New-York based company that makes high-end dress socks and hosiery for men, are some of the best (and surprise, surprise: we have them here at Harleys in Shorewood).

Men all over the world make ringing endorsements of VK Nagrani socks. Not only are patterns and colors of VK Nagrani socks exquisite, but also, wearing them is like having an all-day calf massage. VK Nagrani socks are mostly cotton, with some other stuff blended in—so no more itchy wool that bunches up around your ankles.

Honestly, once you own a pair of VK Nagrani socks, it is hard to wear any other brand. They epitomize luxury menswear, which is about attention to detail and feeling good in what you wear.

So gentlemen, it is time to show a little leg…or well, ankle. Come into the store today and purchase some VK Nagrani socks and accessories. If you are first-timer purchaser of VK Nagrani, chances are you will become a repeat offender.

April 21, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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