Spring is here (or, on it’s way, at least) in Wisconsin and thus it’s time to have a little more fun with accessories. Two hot accouterments this season are butterfly bowties and pocket puffs, both perfect for adding a little flare to your wardrobe.

Butterfly bow tie

It is both fun to say and wear (you just pronounced “but-Ter-fly-Bow-tie” in your head, didn’t you?), and will freshen up a classic black tie look or put a little pep in the step of your office attire. 

It is pretty easy to see where the moniker comes from: The blades are shaped like, well, butterflies. This stunner is large, typically measuring 3 to 3-1/2 inches. And because it is large, the butterfly bow tie is often recommended for guys with larger necks or more prominent chins. However, they are being made in varying sizes these days (just look at any red carpet), and it’s the classic bow tie shape, so it has a place in every guy’s wardrobe.

We love bow ties at Harleys, and we have lots of colors and patterns to choose from. So come in and check them out. Find us here.

Pocket puff

It’s a pocket square, but with a little less "square" and a little more "poof." The difference is all in the folding. Here’s a helpful You Tube video on how to fold a puff pocket square.

Pocket puffs pair well with both suit jackets and sport coats, and are best done with silk squares, because the folds are less structured. However, as with most fashion, personal preference reigns supreme, so squares made of other fabrics are workable, too.

The best part about both of these accessories is that they come in so many prints, patterns, and colors that there is guaranteed to be at least one that expresses your personality and fashion sense. Come see us at Harleys in Shorewood and we’ll help you pick some out.

April 15, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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