Over the past five or so years, American men, including those in Shorewood and Milwaukee, have slowly been embracing a closer-fitting suit, much like the Italians have been doing since…well, forever, I suppose.

Luigi Bianchi Mantova, an Italian menswear line, has had a hand in this, or has at least capitalized on it. See Andrea Benedini, export manager of Luigi Bianchi Mantova, make an impassioned case against ill-fitting (read: extra large) suits to Esquire’s Nick Sullivan.

Luigi Bianchi makes suits for American men that appeal to their affinity for a looser fitting suit, but don’t drown the wearer in swaths of excess fabric. They also make shirts, coats, sweaters, and pants in the same vein, and men in the states are buying them up. Slowly but surely, American men are cleaning up their sartorial act, if you will.

Not that Harleys is opposed to a traditional American suit, but it is nice to see cleaner lines and more flattering silhouettes. And not just because its on trend, but because a trimmer look suggests a higher level of self care and attention to detail. The more we see slimmer suits, the sloppier baggier ones appear.

Hence why we very much admire the Luigi Bianchi Mantova Fall 2014 collection. New this season are jacquard designs, bold patterns, bright colors, and interesting, complex fabric textures. The collection’s natural fabrics, which come from the best Italian weavers, are impossibly warm and yet impossibly light, a combination only Mother Nature, or the Italians, could engineer.

The fits this season are even more flattering and accentuate the waist, and the lapels are larger, which helps makes the waist look smaller via an optical effect.

Here a few images from the Luigi Bianchi Mantova Fall 2014 Look Book:


Come into Harleys today and see our Luigi Bianchi collection. We also offer made-to-measure (Mi Sura, as the Italians say) services for Luigi Bianchi.

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November 25, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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