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The “deconstructed sport coat” is the way of the future, both here in Shorewood, Milwaukee and the rest of America.

“The boxy, stiff cedar-smelling sport coat your father wore is a thing of the past,” says Tim Ryan, CEO of Harleys for Men. “Men are wearing sport coats in more casual settings now, like parties, barbecues, and even on weekend errands. Sport coats aren’t limited to dinner with the in-laws anymore.”

Thus sport coats are being made to match more relaxed occasions, says Ryan, which means liners are coming out (either half-way or all the way), fits are slimming down and fabrics are getting softer.

“Men are also demanding more versatility and the ability to wear a jacket with different things,” he notes. “They want to a sport coat with a t-shirt and jeans on a Saturday night, or with a cotton button down for casual Friday. A softer jacket sans a canvas offers this flexibility.”

Fashion experts note this is all part of the dress-up cycle America has been in for the last several years. It is a welcome trend, in Harleys’ opinion. It’s refreshing to see a guy in say, a pair of slim dark jeans, a t-shirt, and a navy sport coat, Ryan explains.

In fact, a guy in a sport coat, button down shirt and bow tie might just get a high five in the street from one of the guys at Harleys. Well, no, he won’t. But he will get silent nods of respect. (Chances are the ladies will appreciate the look too).

“These days, it’s all about looking effortlessly sophisticated. Almost like you wake up looking dapper,” adds Ryan.

See Harleys' earlier post on the sophisticated-casual trend.

The slimness of the deconstructed sport coat adds to the sophistication factor. While trimmer sport coats are largely just a byproduct of the overall skinny trend happening right now in menswear—“Sport coats, jackets, and blazers are all getting skinnier because suits and pants are being more tailored,” says Ryan—a cleaner, more flattering silhouette adds refinement to a casual look.

“Looser, longer fits and more structured coats will inch their way back into popularity most likely one day, as styles always do in fashion,” Ryan surmises. “But for now, we are really enjoying the men of Shorewood embracing the deconstructed, softer coat style.”

Lookin’ good, Shorewood. Lookin’ good.

For a deconstructed sport coat that fits you to a T, go see the gentlemen at Harleys. They have expert tailors and consultants to ensure you get a coat you love and that fits like a glove.

Find Harleys here.

November 06, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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