When you choose to shop at a Zegna specialty store such as us here at Harleys, you’ll find that you not only get some of the finest quality mens suits Milwaukee, but also some of the best mens fashion accessories. Below are just some of those pieces Zegna is most famous for.

The Heritage Collection
This fine collection, made up entirely of accessories and bags, has within it a Boston travel kit, as well as an attaché case – everything any man could ever need to travel. All of them are made from the softest and smoothest crocodile leathers and are available in a wide range of sophisticated colors such as tan, black, and Bordeaux; a color for every suit!

Limited Edition Shoes
These shoes, just like Zegna suits, are all hand-crafted, but the shoes are also hand-buffed too, for that perfect shine every time. When you choose these for you or the man in your life, you’ll get the shoes along with cherry wood shoe horns and a shoe buffer, all within a beautiful leather shoe care kit.

Zegna Eyewear
Again perfectly matched to any Zegna suit you may also be wearing, the brand gives these lenses a special touch with technological innovation along with gorgeous bamboo, Madagascar rosewood, or Moore oak frames. Whichever one you choose is sure to reflect the look you’re trying to pull off!

When you need only the best, from head to toe, and you’re looking for more than just a suit, come see us at Harleys. We’ve got full selections of many Zegna collections, and you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for you right here.

June 15, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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