Jack Victor is a name that’s widely known throughout the world and is available in the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe. It was in the early 90s that Jack Victor established itself as a brand of true luxury mens clothing, finally giving men a professional look that was kept casual and could be worn comfortably. The perfect wear that comes from these mens suits Milwaukee is the fine detail given to every Jack Victor suit, and the amount of care that goes into each one.

For every Jack Victor suit designers choose from a staggering array of over 800 different materials and fabrics, hand-picking each one and every detail in every piece. These superfine wools, silks, cottons, and linens are often produced in northern Italy, where only the best mills are located for the highest-quality fashion. That fabric is then applied to a pattern that, like all Jack Victor pieces, combines tradition with contemporary fashion.

Jack Victor puts out new collections every year; and this is so the brand can stay on top of all the latest fashion trends and incorporate them into their designs. With every collection, Jack Victor blends the best of tradition with the best of what’s out there today, making for a look that’s completely original and completely unique.

When you need that perfect suit that’s a little traditional and a little bit modern, you need a Jack Victor suit. And you can find them right here at Harleys, the experienced mens apparel store!

June 15, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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