When you need a look that won’t only keep you stylish on the golf green, but also keep you feeling cool and comfortable, there’s no better performance golfwear than Zegna Sport. This collection, brought by Zegna, the maker of suits, combines a sporty look with a casual everyday look that can be worn whether you’re actually on the course, or relaxing in the clubhouse!

Each piece within this designer menswear sports line is water repellant, for protection when it starts to rain. This water repellant barrier is actually made up of Teflon, so any moisture that this it is sure to just bounce right back. Every piece is also created with its own breathable finishing process, which will allow air flow and ventilation through long hours. But it might be the neoprene inserts that golfers will love most. These inserts are created to ensure for maximum movement, and will be a huge help as golfers are always trying to attain that perfect swing.

One of the most distinctive pieces in the entire Zegna Sport line is their “Freeway Jacket,” which is designed in a motorcycle style with only the finest leathers. This look is designed not only to give men that tough and rugged look; but also to improve safety conditions when traveling outdoors in poor weather.

When you’re looking for the best mens sportswear such as Zegna Sport, come see us at Harleys. We’ll show you the entire line, and all the suits they carry too!

June 15, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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