It can be disappointing to buy better menswear Shorewood, such as a designer polo shirt, only to have the look ruined after the first wear. While the color and fit may remain perfect, there’s little that can stop those collars from turning up once they’ve gone through the washer and dryer. So, how can you stop them from doing so? By purchasing Wurkin Stiffs for polo shirts!

Using Wurkin Stiffs is easy, and so worth it once you see how it can save your luxury mens clothing. Each Wurkin Stiff comes in two pieces. The first is a magnetic piece that slips underneath the shirt and lies against your skin, in the same area where the collar is going to fall. The second piece goes right under the collar itself – lying in between the collar and the rest of the shirt. Once each piece is fitted onto the shirt, your collar will lay flat and never curl up – not as long as there’s something keeping it Stiff under there.

Think that Wurkin Stiffs sounds like a product that’s right for you and your shirts? That’s because they are! And we have them right here at your experienced mens store Milwaukee, Harleys!

November 07, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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