Think that here at Harleys we’re only about luxury mens clothing or the best mens shoes Shorewood? Would you be surprised to find out that we have wallets, too? And not only do we sell wallets, we sell wallets that actually keep you and your personal information protected at all times. They come in form of Wurkin Stiffs – a wallet that’s truly like no other.

Did you know that using only a radio frequency chip, the information from your debit and credit cards could be transmitted right through the wallet? This is a method that some thieves use to easily obtain an individual’s information and then use it to make purchases, and put the original owner farther and farther in debt. By simply creating a wallet that blocks that signal though, Wurkin Stiffs has created something that doesn’t just hold your money – it keeps it safe!

The exterior of Wurkin Stiffs is made from fine Italian calfskin that exudes luxury and feels incredibly soft. But there’s some serious protection under that silky exterior, and it comes from the thin alloy matrix that’s fused directly between the leather to keep any signals out – and your info safely inside.

At Harleys we’re about keeping you at your best, whether that’s by dressing you in designer names such as Hugo Boss or just making sure you have protective clothing and accessories where you need it. Because while it may be our luxury designs that you notice first, we’re also about so much more than that.

November 08, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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