When you can choose from all the different leathers in the world, why would you choose Remy leather? It’s because of the exact process they use, to ensure that they use only the best skins that are matched and cut to precise specifications before they are fused together, detailed, and sewn to create the best pieces of mens luxury fashion you’ll find anywhere in the world.

First, the skins. They are only the finest lambskins, goatskins, and calfskins that can be found throughout the world, and they’re woven from the finest fabrics you’ll find in the best Italian mills. Those skins are uniquely and specifically chosen to be used as a Remy leather, before six or seven of them are matched to complement each other and are used for just one handmade garment.

That handmade process includes cutting the leather to exact specifications, and then bundling it – a process that involves inspecting it and double and triple checking that the cutting has been done not just accurately, but precisely. Then comes the fusing together of the pieces, done with the best adhesive you’ll find around the globe, and the stitching process. This stitching is of course throughout each and every garment, but can be seen best in the pocket and seam detail, one more step in this extensive process. It’s only then that the next step, the sewing together of each garment can be completed. And that’s only done with the finest care and by tailors that aren’t just sewers, they’re true craftsmen.

The final steps come in the finishing of the product. Loose ends such as buttons and snaps are affixed to the piece, and the entire product is given a good press. It then moves on to the inspection stage, where each stitch and every inch is gone over with a fine-toothed comb to ensure it’s absolute perfection and that not one seam or stitch is out of place before being shipped to the customer.

Knowing the process is a good thing, but you need to see Remy pieces to really understand it for yourself. When you come see us at Harleys, you can. Experience what it’s like to slip into one of these garments, and feel the truest luxury against your skin. Then you’ll know why the process is so important, and just what a difference it makes.

October 22, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Fabrics

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