Maybe you already know about the true luxury mens fashion statement when you wear a Wellensteyn jacket. Maybe you’ve already been wearing one for years. But do you know the story behind this brand? The Wellensteyn history is one that goes back all the way to Germany, circa 1960s, but can be seen throughout the United States and North America today.

It was then, over sixty years ago, that Adolf Wuttke was a producer of mechanical instruments that were used to plunge into the depths of the North Sea. He worked closely with not only his customers to find out what they wanted, but also the dockhands in the shipyards who used his instruments on a daily basis. He saw the need for proper work wear that would not only stand up to the elements, but also be stylish. Because he didn’t want to create just any outerwear; he wanted to produce the best outerwear for men.

That’s just what he did. He created a full line of stylish coats that incorporated a unique waxed sailcloth that would stand up to the wind and the rain of the docks, and keep every working man safe and warm and out of the elements. Since that time Adolf’s son Thomas has taken over the company and extended that collection to include a number of styles that are a “fusion of function and fashion.”

He’s also brought all those styles over from Germany so they can now be found not only throughout Europe, but across North America as well. And we have them right here at Harleys. That’s why when you need the sturdiest outerwear that doesn’t compromise on style, you need to come see us here at Harleys, the best place to buy mens clothes in Milwaukee.

October 24, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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