Everyone knows just how warm down fill can be. But when you need to get the very best down, where do you go? To one of the coldest places on earth – the Arctic region of Canada. It’s from this place that Canada Goose (CG) is inspired; and all their coats are made in Canada too.

CG was actually founded in Toronto, Canada, many miles south from the Arctic regions where it takes its inspiration. But the coats they make can be warm enough to survive many nights in that Arctic jungle, or cool enough to wear around on a cool Milwaukee fall day. Each coat is filled with genuine down from Canadian geese, and has a shell that is made from nylon, polyester, or a blend of the two, that will keep out even the bitterest cold and highest winds. And they do it all while still keeping with contemporary style that can be deemed as luxury fashion for men.

One of the most unique features of CG clothing isn’t that they’re all handmade garments (which they are,) but that they come with their own grading system, known as the Thermal Experience Index, or TEI. This index uses a scale of 1-5. A piece with a TEI of 1 is a lightweight garment, perfect for sports outings or just when it’s not that cold. Becoming better equipped for cold weather as you go up the scale, a piece with a TEI of 5 has been field-tested to prove that it can withstand even the harshest of winters, and the most brutal Arctic conditions.

When you need something that’s more than just fashion, and more than just a great piece of clothing, you need a CG coat. Because when you slip on one of these jackets, you’ll get both; and here at Harleys, you’ll find a full range of them encompassing the entire TEI scale.


October 19, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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