There are some turned up collars that can look very cool and ultra-chic on luxury mens clothing. You know the kind we mean. These are the coats and shirts that you turn the collar up on yourself, in order to exude sexiness, aloofness, and the look of someone that really knows their style.

But then there are collars that were always meant to stay down – namely on button-down shirts. When these collars turn up, even the best mens sportswear and fashion denim for men can start to look disheveled. It’s this fashion conundrum that Wurkin Stiffs Power Stays were created for.

Power Stays are a very simple answer to a very simple problem that gives men lots of headaches. Simply place the strip on one piece of your collar and the magnetic piece inside the collar. As soon as you let go the end of your collar will find its way to that magnetic button, and you can rest easy knowing your collar will stay down all day long.

Wurkin Stiffs knows that some collars were just made to be turned up; but those that weren’t never should be. That’s why they’ve created Power Stays, and why we carry them right here at Harleys!

November 14, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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