When you’re wearing great fashion denim for men, such as AG Denim for men, there’s very little that you can do wrong with it. But as much of a staple as a good pair of jeans is, they can also very quickly go wrong, even unwittingly. Here are some fashion don’ts when it comes to your jeans, so your jeans will always look as sharp as you meant them to.

The distressed or deconstructed look is one of the hottest trends today, but be very careful how you approach it. Make sure that there are no more than three “rough” areas on the jeans, and that they fall in natural places. Steer away from these rules, and you’ll only look like you can’t afford a new pair of jeans.

Another big trend that you have to be very careful with is contrast stitching. Bright yellow gold stitching is typically considered okay, and Agave Denim does a nice dark green stitch to emphasize their “green” philosophy. Anything else though, such as orange, bright red, or even pink, will only leave you looking clownish – and searching for something to pair them with!

An area that’s crystal-clear on jeans is the pockets on the rear. Opt for absolutely no embellishments, no bling, and no overcrowding whatsoever. These features actually make the area look bigger, and make the entire jean look too busy. Find jeans that are free from anything on the back pockets, and it will up the sophistication factor.

Want to make sure you steer clear of fashion denim no-no’s? Come see us at Harleys! We carry only the finest jeans from the best designers. And with our jeans, you’ll always be on the “Fashion Do” list!


November 12, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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