Did you know that every time you put your credit or debit card in your wallet it continues to send digital transmissions through a radio frequency chip? This chip carries all of your most vital financial information, including account and card numbers, as well as access to the account the card was made for. The leather and fabric on other wallets allows this info to be easily transmitted, but when you buy Wurkin Stiffs wallets from us here at Harleys, the better menswear Shorewood, that’s a concern you don’t need to worry about.

That’s because embossed right between the layers of Italian calfskin leather that these fine wallets are made from, is a thin alloy matrix that ensures that everything in the wallet stays in the wallet. So while these wallets may just look like another luxury accessory made to complement your luxury mens clothing, they’re actually a real piece of protection. Get them with an outside card pocket (also protected from theft and fraud) or without, and in any color you choose. These wallets haven’t forgotten about style – they’ve just given it a little boost.

At Harleys we are your experienced mens apparel store, but we know the right fashion isn’t always just about clothes. It’s about keeping you protected and making sure that you always, always look your best. You can do it with Wurkin Stiffs wallets.


November 15, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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