You’ve grown up wearing your very favorite pair of jeans, and you don’t want to have to give them up just because you’re a little older now. But, you also don’t want to continue looking like a high school now that you’re all grown up. Luckily, there are lots of ways to dress up denim, but it takes a careful eye and knowing which pieces to pair with your favorite pair.

Start by choosing the right brand of fashion denim for men. Brands such as AG Denim and Agave Denim are a good start, as they both focus on creating luxurious pieces of denim that will give you that casual feel, with a more sophisticated look.

Secondly, if you’re going to pull off a more mature look with your jeans, you’ve got to ditch the baggy ones now. Jeans are not meant to be worn extremely loose, especially in this modern era. Choose jeans that fit you properly and if they’re loose or baggy at all (especially in the waist,) take them down a size.

Also know which t-shirt to pair your jeans with. The classic jeans and tee look can still be worn, even in a sophisticated fashion, but you have to pay special attention to the shirt you’re wearing as well. Get rid of anything that has a print on it (or at least save them for your home lounging time) and choose solid colors, preferably with a V-neck. This will take your style up to another level, and truly give you that suave look.

Look still feeling incomplete? Throw on a blazer and dress shoes for an ultra-classy look, or a leather jacket for that retro James Dean style!

November 21, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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