The genius behind Citizens for Humanity Jeans is Mr. Adriano Goldschmied, who was also the genius behind AG Denim for men. After making AG Denim one of the most popular names in men’s fashion, Adriano parted ways with his business partner, Mr. Yul Ku, although the friendship lasted far beyond the brands. Shortly after leaving AG Denim, Adriano created the Citizens brand, which brings the high quality he is known for.

But what is it that makes Citizens Jeans so special? It’s all in the way Adriano treats his denim.

When the fabric first comes in, Adriano lays it out flat on a table that’s been compared to the size of a football field. After the fabric has been completely rolled out, it’s left for 24 hours so that it can rest. From there it will be divided into different patterns; one pair of the classic 5-pocket jean takes 11 pattern pieces alone!

Once the patterns are used to actually create the pair, and 1800 of Adriano’s employees work to hand sew your jeans together, they are then placed in an oven and baked. After “baking in” all that handcrafted work, each pair is hand sanded and placed on inflatable structures shaped into the sitting position, and baked again. This is what gives Citizens Jeans that natural form and fit.

All of this speaks to the care that Citizens takes with each piece in every collection. And even with these lengthy processes, it’s known that Adriano does not like his denim to be handled too roughly, or too excessively, to keep the original integrity of the fabric alive.

We know this and so, here at Harleys, we are the Citizens for Humanity retailer Milwaukee that not only has lots of Citizens Jeans in stock; but know how to care for them too!

October 25, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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