Often when people hear of the fashion designer DL 1961, they confuse it with another large name in fashion denim for men – Diesel. So, are these two companies one in the same?

The very simple answer is no. DL 1961 is completely separate, and a completely different brand than Diesel, or 55DSL, the Diesel collection available in a junior fit. So, who is DL 1961, and what makes them such a big name in luxury menswear?

It’s all in the fabric. In September of 2008 Maliha, owner and Creative Director of DL 1961, launched DL 1961 in New York City with her husband, Faisal. They prided themselves on the fact that they had found a way to make “the perfect fitting jeans,” by incorporating Lycra fabric into their denim. This addition stretches, shapes, moulds, and contours the jeans to a person’s body; allowing DL 1961 to boast jeans that come with 90% shape retention.

Today, the company still has that vision, and still uses the innovative 4-WAY stretch XFIT Lycra fabric that makes these jeans what they are. But in addition to that great feel and wear, DL 1961 also boasts jeans that come in a number of colors, weights, washes, and textures. So whichever pair you choose, you’ll know they were made exclusively for you!

DL 1961 and Diesel are definitely two completely different brands. And when you want to wear true luxury, DL 1961 is the only one you should choose. And Harleys, the best place to buy mens clothes in Milwaukee, is the only place you should get it!

October 24, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Denim

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