Would you believe that the legendary Boss name all began in Germany, where founder and creator first began making uniforms for the Nazi army? In addition to that, the Boss name is one that best exemplifies what it means to come back from utter disaster.

Hugo Boss only had his first shop open for fewer than six years before he was forced to close down due to bankruptcy. Once the First World War passed though, Boss summoned up all of his bravery and determination and re-opened; under the same name and offering the same fine fashions. Soon after his reopen, Boss started designing uniforms for the SS, SA, and Hitler Youth. It’s thought that he did this to protect himself, and his business from the ruthless Hitler reign. When the war ended, Boss was quick to get out of the uniform business and began to focus on designing high-end men’s suits and other luxury mens clothing.

The namesake of the company sadly passed away in 1948 and his grandsons, Uwe and Jochen Holy, took over the business almost twenty years later in 1967. It was then that the Boss name really started to evolve into what we know it to be today. The name was changed to “Boss” (although it went back to the original in the 90s) and they began offering not only fine suits, but also the best mens sportswear, shoes, and cologne, too. When the changes were made, critics claimed that this was cheapening the brand and that the Boss name would not be around for very long.

Today, those critics have been silenced. The Boss name still stands for all the luxury and style that it always has; and the collections that don’t involve clothing are some of the best sellers. Over the years, Boss has not only become synonymous with fine clothing, but with overcoming adversity, too!

September 06, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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