Citizens for Humanity is one of the best known designers in fashion denim for men and women, and you can find many Citizens for Humanity retailers Milwaukee. But what is this designer all about? What exactly lies behind that great name?

It was just after he graduated from high school in Paris, France that Jerome Dahan created his first denim collection that was high breakthrough into the fashion industry. After establishing himself around Europe for many years, Dahan made his way to Los Angeles, looking to build his brand and bring better fashion to more people all over the world. Soon after landing in the States, Dahan founded Lucky Brand jeans, and then moved on to co-found 7 For All Mankind. These collections were known for being one of a kind, with no two jeans alike. And it was this philosophy Dahan carried with him in 2003 when he founded Citizens for Humanity.

Today, Dahan is still leading Citizens for Humanity with stylish designs that are all hand-crafted and created with a vintage look and feel. The Citizens brand only releases two collections every year, also adding to the feel of exclusivity and rarity. And, it’s gained so much attention that many global companies have partnered with or sponsored the brand. These include Berkshire Partners, who purchased equity from Citizens in 2006; and renowned denim designer Adriano Goldschmeid became partners with Dahan in 2007.

Today, Citizens for Humanity still remains one of the biggest names in fashion denim. It’s sold in some of the finest boutiques including Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, and here at Harleys, your experienced mens apparel store.

September 06, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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