Many people are aware that suits and tuxedos are quite different from each other. Tuxes are much more formal than suits, and they also usually include the use of satin, whereas suits use other textures and materials such as linen to complement the piece. But when it comes to prom tuxedos and wedding tuxedos Southern Wisconsin, is there a difference? And do you need to go to specialized wedding boutiques or specific prom outfitters Milwaukee in order to get the right tuxedo?
Typically there aren’t a lot of differences between a prom tuxedo and a wedding tuxedo however, this wasn’t always the case. Over the past couple of decades, wedding tuxedos used to be very traditional, keeping usually to only black or white with cummerbunds that matched the bride’s dress. Prom tuxedos on the other hand, could be much louder and bolder in color; and crazy prints on cummerbunds and ties were much more acceptable for proms than they were weddings.

However, that’s changed today. There really are no rules for wedding wear, and that includes the groom’s tux. This has greatly narrowed the gap between any differences between prom and wedding tuxedos. Now when you’re looking for metro Milwaukee mens formalwear, you can find tuxes appropriate for both occasions in the same place. And when you need to find that right place to get your right tux, we suggest you come visit us the experts, right here at Harleys!

December 11, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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