The winter months are upon us and if you’re going to be in cooler weather it may mean putting away that performance golfwear and the short-sleeved polo shirts for another season. But if you dread this season, and the annual ritual of putting away your favorite pieces of best mens sportswear, then you need to check out what Robert Graham has to offer you this year.

RG sports shirts are different than any other you’ll come across – and that’s just the point. When designer Robert Stock first ventured into the sporting wear business, he studied his competition very closely to see what they were offering their customers. As it turned out, he saw the same thing over and over again - the same dull, boring and safe designs, with no one piece standing out from the other. He knew what he had to do, and that was create new designs that would catch the consumer’s eye – and all of those around him while wearing it.

The first thing you may notice about RG sports shirts for fall and winter is that they have long sleeves. These will keep you warm during cool nights, but can also be rolled up to the elbow and cuffed, lending an even more casual look to these designer shirts. They also come in prints and patterns that are bold, bright, and beautiful – you’ll find few solids and boring cuts here.

And of course, each piece is topped off with Robert Stock’s personal motto sewn somewhere right inside – Knowledge Truth Wisdom. So not only can you wear a different kind of sportswear, but you can be inspired while doing so!

December 09, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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