Knowledge. Wisdom. Truth. These are the fundamentals by which designer Robert Stock lives his life, and what he wants each piece of Robert Graham clothing to represent. That’s why it’s this mantra that’s sewn into each Graham design – to remind wearers of the true value in life, and to help inspire that in them in every shirt, and each pair of trousers.

The motto “Knowledge Wisdom Truth” is meant to mean something different to each person that wears it; and to inspire them to relax and be themselves, with confidence. That’s easy to do when you’re wearing an RG Savile Row style shirt, one of the most influential designs on this brand of luxury mens clothing during the first days of the company, and still today.

Robert Stock has continued seeking knowledge and wisdom, and in 2000 got to the truth of what men wanted in their sportswear. Seeing the only designs available were virtually the same, with sometimes the only difference being between hues or logo placement, Stock decided to do something about it. He created his own line of golf shirts and other sporting gear that is known on the market today as some of the very best mens sportswear. All because he was inspired, and he continues aiming to inspire others.

When you’re looking to update your wardrobe with pieces that aren’t just fun and stylish, but will also inspire you just by wearing them, an RG addition is the perfect fit. And we’ve got tons of styles and selection here at Harleys!

December 07, 2012 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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