Don’t let your inability to tie a tie get you up in knots. Here is a compilation of excellent links that demonstrate how to master the four most popular tie formations:


The four-in-hand knot should be your go-to, as it’s knot too big, knot too small (we couldn’t resist). It’s also the easiest to do since it’s a-symmetrical (read: it’s okay if it’s a tad crooked).


The half-Windsor, despite its name, is actually closer to three-quarters the size of the Windsor knot (see below). Since it’s a symmetrical knot, it’s a tad harder than the four-in-hand. But don’t worry—practice a few times in front of the mirror and you’ll get it. (Also, this knot is usually easier with a slightly wider, heavier tie).


 Windsor (also Full Windsor)

This is for the Windsor loyalists. Here at Harleys we generally prefer a thinner tie with a narrower knot, but if large and in-charge is your style, here you go.


Bow Tie

Nothing earns silent respect from onlookers like a properly knotted bow tie. Most men never learned to tie one, so mastering this knot will definitely earn you admiration.

For an in-person tutorial on any of the knots above, come into Harleys today. We have a wide selection of ties and bow ties perfect for showing off your new (or refreshed) knotting skills. You can find us here.

February 20, 2016 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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