There are many ways to fold a pocket square, and how you fold it depends on the look you want. Here we’ll discuss the four most popular pocket square folds along with folding instructions.

1. Classic (or Straight)

As its name suggests, the classic pocket square fold makes for a traditional look. Think Don Draper in Mad Men. The straight line is understated yet exceptionally polished. A solid white pocket square adds makes this fold even more refined, while a colored or patterned fabric can add just the right amount of personality.

2. One Point

The one-point fold adds more visual interest than the classic without being flashy. If you want more flash though, add more points (it then becomes the pyramid fold, discussed next). More points = more flash.

3. Pyramid

The pyramid pocket square is perfect for making a statement. Do the two-, three- or four-point fold, depending on how much you want to say. 

4. The Poof

It might be misleading to call the poof a fold, since really, not much folding is involved. It’s more like bunching and “floofing.” Fuss with it until it’s how you like it.

For an in-person tutorial on any of the folds above, come into Harleys today. Practice with our wide selection of handsome pocket squares. We have simple and statement pieces (and everything in between), so we’re guaranteed to have something that suits your personality. Find us here. 

February 25, 2016 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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