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Eton is one of the best shirt makers in the world. If you’re debating whether to try Eton, we highly recommend it. And here are three reasons you should:


  1. Higher quality

Most off-the-rack shirts take four days to make. Eton shirts take four weeks. But you’re probably thinking, “Sure, lots of shirt makers say they’re high quality—it’s a cliché.” True. Many shirt makers make the same claim. However, the Gentleman’s Gazette once toured Eton’s headquarters and found that Eton does indeed stand apart. To see what they discovered, read the article.


  1. Natural wrinkle-resistance

Most wrinkle-resistant shirts are sprayed with chemicals, like formaldehyde. Eton goes in and restructures the fibers of their shirts (few chemicals required). This also means the wrinkle-resistance lasts much longer.


  1. Easy to care for

You can toss an Eton shirt in the washing machine, no dry cleaning needed. Its molecular-level wrinkle resistance keeps it smooth and crisp.


Eton’s spring and summer 2016 shirts have just arrived at Harleys, so come in and shop them today. The collection reflects Eton’s new attitude, which is timely for the warming weather in Shorewood. They’ve added short sleeves, bolder patterns and richer colors.


Hurry in for the best selection. We look forward to seeing you.



April 20, 2016 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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