Here at Harleys, we’re big on promoting and featuring American made products. We know that much of the time, the best things on Earth are made right here at home, and we’re proud to foster many relationships with some of the best American designer menswear. That’s why this month we’re happy to tell you about three of the many designers we carry: Carrot & Gibbs, W. Kleinberg, and eShave.

Carrot & Gibbs were founded and are still based, in Boulder, Colorado. This company focuses on mens fashion accessories that are too often forgotten about today – the bow tie. And not only do they create beautiful bow ties, they’re focused on ensuring that each and every one is different and unique from the last one they made. Carrot & Gibbs refuses mass production and in its place they use tailors that handcraft each tie they make, with only the finest materials.

W. Kleinberg also focuses on accessories, whether it’s a wallet, belt, or buckle you’re looking for. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, they use only the best leather in the country, along with alligator skin that’s always sure to make a statement and get you, and the wardrobe they’re accentuating, noticed.

eShave, as you may have guessed from the name, goes beyond clothing and apparel to the accessories you use before you even get dressed – shaving products. Based in Long Island, New York, eShave has entire collections that focus on pre-shaving, shaving, and after shave products. You can be sure that you have never looked at shaving to be such a fine art form before you check out what eShave has to offer.

We know that American-made is the best you can find anywhere on earth. And here at Harleys, we’re always proud to have full selections available from all four corners of the country.

November 19, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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