The bow tie is all too often the one piece of mens fashion accessories that have gone forgotten over the years. In just a matter of decades, this highly fashionable piece of apparel has gone from being the finest designer menswear that men wore in Hollywood, to something reserved for lawyers and professors. But the people at Carrot & Gibbs know that there’s still very much a place in fashion today for the bow tie, and they still construct the very best for fine retailers from Saks Fifth Avenue to right here at Harleys in Wisconsin, the most experienced mens store Milwaukee.

Carrot & Gibbs pride themselves on not just creating bow ties, but in creating the best bow ties that the sophisticated man is just as proud to wear. They never simply take a stack of cloth and cut it – dozens, or even 50 at a time – just in order to save time and money. Instead they use the finest materials, and cut and construct each hand by stitch. So that the designer tie really remains just that.

But while Carrot & Gibbs uses only the finest construction process when manufacturing their ties, they make it easy for every man to wear. For those who want to play around with different knots and a variety of styles, Carrot & Gibbs creates flat bow ties that can be turned and knotted any which way you choose. For those new to the world of bow ties, or that are tired of trying to tie their bow tie all the time, pre-tied bow ties are also created by Carrot & Gibbs, to make them accessible to everyone.  

Whatever kind of bow tie you’re looking for, Carrot & Gibbs will have it for you. You can bet that whichever one you choose though, you’ll be getting a quality tie that will last you for many years to come.

November 19, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Accessories

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