When Danielle Malka noticed in 1996 that one of the most important mens fashion accessories – shaving and grooming products – were letting go of the prized traditional way of doing things, she set out to do things differently. And to give men a better way of shaving and taking care of their skin. That’s when she created eShave products, an entire line of grooming items that don’t only help men fall back in love with the traditional way of shaving, but that also gives them a closer and cleaner shave.

Malka started her collection with just a modest start-up budget, and a living room that she transformed into her office. She studied the art of not just shaving, but really giving men a way of taking care of themselves. She found that to be really effective, shaving products include more than just a razor and shaving cream. Men need a way to prepare their skin, choices for shaving properly, and after shave options that ensure that great feeling after a close shave lasts with them all day.

eShave has been featured in many men’s magazines and has received many awards throughout the industry. And now, you can find them right here in Milwaukee. We are the experienced mens apparel store, but we’re about so much more than just designer clothing. We offer full lines of products that allow men to take care of their entire look – from start to fine finishes.

November 19, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Grooming

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