Men’s blazers and sport coats have undergone a transformation. A purging, of sorts. Liners have been discarded, soft wools have replaced stiff ones, and excess fabric has been chopped from hemlines.

The result of this spring cleaning is the “deconstructed sport coat.” 

It’s less structured, has a trimmer silhouette and it satisfies men who want a relaxed, closer-fitting jacket.

“It’s not your grandfather’s sport coat,” says Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys the Store for Men. “Nowadays men don’t want that boxy, heavy, tweed jacket that smells like mothballs because they wear it once every six months. They want a blazer or sport coat they can move in, and can wear any day of the week.”

Deconstructed jackets aren’t new, of course. They came along around the same time as skinny jeans and slim suits and many brands make their own version of a deconstructed, or soft, coat.

Yet, while many brands make them, Harley’s has a soft spot (pun intended) for GiCapri.

GiCapri is an Italian brand, and they make a completely deconstructed jacket—no pads, no liners, no nothing.

It’s not stitched-up garbage bag, however. The craftsmen at GiCapri hand sew their jackets at the shoulder with a special Neapolitan technique (it’s like their secret sauce) that gives their jackets that iconic Neapolitan soft shoulder, from which flows an elegant, relaxed garment. GiCapri also uses very fine fabrics including cashmere, linen, dyed cotton and soft, light wools.

Also, their jackets are, in accordance with the deconstructed style, shorter than the classic jacket. Not by much though—the hem sits at the pant pockets, rather than just above mid thigh.

Still, the hem length a small but important difference, says Ryan. “A lot of men wear long jackets thinking it will make them look taller. But in fact, it has the opposite effect. A longer jacket cuts your legs in an odd place and makes your legs look shorter.”

Ultimately, every man, no matter his height, should own a GiCapri sport coat, says Ryan. “They’re extremely comfortable and extremely well made. You really can’t go wrong with a sport coat from GiCapri.”

To get your GiCapri sport coat, come see us at Harleys today. You can find us here. 

We look forward to seeing you.

October 25, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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