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Dress for the Elements in Style with Canada Goose

Dress for the Elements in Style with Canada Goose
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The bone-chilling cold Shorewood winter can put a major damper on a well-dressed man’s style. Unless, of course, he has a Canada Goose jacket.

You’ve probably heard of Canada Goose or at least seen its iconic white, red and blue logo (likely on the arm of a celebrity standing on a chilly movie set).

This logo stands for everything we admire in well-dressed man. He’s sophisticated sans pretension, he’s practical and his good sense tells him to prioritize quality over trends. Canada Goose embodies these qualities with its sleek aesthetic, high-tech engineering and superior craftsmanship.

The logo also signifies “REALLY warm.”

Like its name suggests, Canada Goose is based in Canada (Toronto, to be exact), which means their jackets are made by folks who know a thing or two about dressing for extreme cold. Which ultimately means they are engineered to be the warmest winter jackets on the market.

The company uses several different blended downs for jacket insulation, all of which contain Hutterite, one of the warmest, strongest downs available. Hutterite can retain more heat than other types of down, which means you get a lighter-weight, but warmer jacket (and you don’t sacrifice warmth for lightness).

So don’t get caught in the cold—come see Harleys’ selection of Canada Goose parkas today.

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