If winter’s neutral color palette is making you feel gray, warm up your style with a colorful shirt or two from Robert Graham, the king of statement menswear.

Robert Graham is famous for bright colors, bold patterns and eye-catching details, and it’s often said that Robert Graham colorized men’s fashion.

14 years ago, Robert Stock, co-founder, co-chairman and chief creative officer of Robert Graham, saw a want for more personality in menswear, and in response designed a shirt that would let a man’s inner peacock show.

He took the classic contrast collar and cuff (think Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in 1987’s “Wall Street”) and dipped them into a magic cauldron of colors and patterns. In addition to pairing two contrasting colors, Stock added bold, opposing patterns and intricate hand stitching. He paired stripes with already bright hues, put paisley where paisley had never been before, and played with colors previously off-limits to men, most notably pink, purple and orange.

“Robert Stock, through Robert Graham, changed menswear forever,” says Tim Ryan, president and CEO of Harleys the Store for Men. “The line gave men who longed for a little more personality in their clothing something to be excited about.”

Stock’s instincts about the want for more daring menswear turned out to be keen. That excitement Ryan mentioned has turned into a vast, loyal customer base. Robert Graham operates 23 stores in the U.S. and sells their products in numerous independent U.S. retailers, like yours truly.

Hollywood has also shown love for Robert Graham. Former “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson frequently wore RG shirts during his time on the show, and contrasting shirt cuffs have become closely associated with the character Cameron Tucker from ABC’s “Modern Family.”


Harleys is Milwaukee and Shorewood’s only source for Robert Graham, so get your RG apparel right here.

And don’t let winter put a damper on your inner-color lover—set him free by coming into Harleys today and getting yourself some Robert Graham shirts and sweaters.

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November 15, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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