What do the original Swiss Army Knife and some of the best-constructed men’s sportswear have in common? The same company makes them. Kinda cool, right? Victorinox invented the original Swiss Army Knife in 1884, and has since grown into making exceptional designer menswear, ideal for Shorewood, Wisconsin’s frigid, windy, winters, and cool spring days.

It is reassuring when it is below zero and your jacket or down vest is made by the same people who engineered a tool that has saved countless lives for a century, no?

If you don’t know Victorinox by name, you surely know its trademark diamond quilted pattern, seen on the vests pictured above. (Here's a useful factoid in case you ever find yourself on Jeopardy: In 1904, founder Karl Elsener's mother, Victoria, passed way so he named the company in her honor.)

Victorinox makes garments that are warm but not bulky, so you can stay toasty and be well-dressed simultaneously. And, contrary to popular thought, looking good and being warm are not always mutually exclusive. 

A Victorinox jacket will help you ward off the blustery wind and cold temperatures that, unfortunately, seem to be sticking around for a bit here in Shorewood and Milwaukee. However, once things start to warm up a bit (*fingers crossed it happens sooner rather than later*) Harleys has vests and shirts that are perfect for spring. 

Come into Harleys and check out our selection of Victorinox apparel.

February 27, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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