Every guy has his favorite jeans (I’m sure a pair readily came to your mind as you read this sentence). So favorite in fact, that he wears them on a regular basis, “regular basis” meaning “all the time because they are the only pair of jeans he owns because he is too stubborn to try another pair."

It’s understandable. A good pair of jeans is hard to come by, but come on fellas, there are SO many options in the denim universe that the existence of other jeans that look and feel as good is guaranteed. To prove it, here is a quick summary of the season’s premium denim, all of which are available at Harleys

If you like jeans that are: polished and crisp
You’ll probably like: AG (Adriano Goldschmied)

AG jeans are known for being sleek, modern, and clean. If you like your jeans sophisticated, get a pair (or two) of AGs.

If you like jeans that are: vintage-looking and/or one of a kind
You’ll probably like: Citizens of Humanity

Though all Citizens of Humanity jeans sport a vintage, semi-distressed look, no two pairs of COH jeans are alike. Also, Citizens only releases two collections each year, so they are even more exclusive than exclusive.

If you like jeans that are: durable enough to survive being run over by a monster truck
You’ll probably like: Agave

Agave jeans are built to emulate the durability and nearly indestructible quality of their namesake, the agave plant. (Agave is not totally indestructible, of course, otherwise we wouldn't have tequila. Thank goodness, right?) Agave jeans are also environmentally-friendly.

If you like jeans that are: skinny (or skinny-ish)
You’ll probably like: 7 for All Mankind

Men no longer need to fear the skinny jean. 7 for All Mankind (or Sevens, as they are familiarly called) make skinny jeans that are actually comfortable for men because of their superior design and inner lining, which makes it soft against your skin.

If you like jeans that: retain their shape
You will probably like: DL1961

Not to be confused with Diesel, DL1961 is its own brand of premium of denim, famous because it is woven with a bit of lycra, which gives their jeans the ability to keep their shape and flatter any body type.

March 11, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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