Halloween is just a few short days away, which means it’s officially time for those of you who procrastinate to start thinking about your Halloween costume if you plan on dressing up. If you don’t plan on heading to Halloween City or Target to pick up a pre-packaged costume and instead want to pull things from your closet and around your house then you’re in luck.
#1) Negan
Some of you probably have a leather jacket, jeans, and a red scarf lying around. If you do… You’re in luck. Grab your son’s baseball bat and wrap some non-barbed wire around it. (For safety reasons) and you’re all set. Of course if you want to go a little more in depth you could grab a pair of grey jeans instead of a normal denim, and a brown belt, and if you don’t have a leather jacket… We have an awesome one we just listed online.
#2) A Badger Fan

There’s nothing easier than throwing on your Badger (or Packer) apparel and heading to the Halloween party your neighbor invited you to! Not only are you totally comfortable, if you’re drinking a beer it will fit right in with your costume. While you probably already have some Badger gear in your closet, it might be time to update that ratty t-shirt you got your freshman year that the W is peeling off… Head on over to see the Badger products we carry in stock!
#3) Lumberjack
Time to get a head start on No Shave November! There’s nothing easier than throwing on a flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, growing out your beard, and tossing on a beanie! (If you throw on some vintage glasses and carry around a french press you can go as a pretentious hipster.) Don’t have a perfect flannel? We’ve got one just for you, we absolutely ADORE this one from Barbour!
There ya go! 3 easy Halloween costumes that you can throw together with items you already probably have in your closet… And if you don’t we’ve got you covered! Send us your photos of you in your Halloween costume or tag us on Instagram with #modernmanscares. If we feature you in a post or on Instagram we’ll send you an exclusive discount code for your next online purchase!
- The Modern Man Team


October 25, 2018 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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