Even though Summer always seems far away... When you live in Wisconsin it’s closer than we think, and it sneaks up on us every time. We are so excited to have some really neat shoes this season and wanted to give you a heads up on what you should be adding to your wardrobe for your feet.

First up we have the updated summer sneaker. The vintage style is back, but it’s updated and has a modern twist with the Perry tennie by Noah Waxman. Our favorite way to wear it is in the white shade, it’s the perfect sneaker for summer, and don’t believe the myth that you can’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. In fact throw all the rules of fashion out the door while you’re at it. Let the weather be your guide for wearing white, sometimes we hit 70 degrees in April, other times we get 21 inches of snow. The great thing about this Noah Waxman sneaker is that it’s also a great transition shoe, great for those days in fall where a boot seems just a bit too warm, or those days in spring where the sun is shining and there aren’t too many puddles to avoid. The leather laces lend to a more grown up appeal, but the classic rubber sole will remind you of the days you played kickball on the playground in elementary school.

Who says that suede is just for Autumn? This Penny Loafer by the Right Bank Shoe Co begs to differ. This distressed brown suede shoe has just the perfect amount of “un-dressiness” that it will paid back perfectly with jeans, but it’s easy to dress up as well. Wouldn’t this be the perfect shoe to wear to that casual wedding you’re invited to in August? (We think it would be). Plus it even has a cushioned footbed which means when you’re out on the dance floor cutting a rug you’re going to be the most comfortable person out there. Just don’t forget to spray all your suede shoes with a protectant, we recommend this one, that way if anyone is dancing with their Old Fashioned in hand, and they had one too many Old Fashioneds… You’re good to go and you can easily clean up your shoes.


Our last option to update your shoe-drobe (we’re totally going to make that word a thing) is this gorgeous Magnanni dress shoe. We know that Monk Straps aren’t for everybody, but it is at least worth stopping in to try on to see if you like it more than you thought. These shoes have awesome ratings, (4.8 stars anyone?) and people are loving the fact that the leather is hand-painted so each and every pair is unique and no one owns a pair that’s exactly like the ones on your feet. These shoes would look great with a black or charcoal suit, or if you’re feeling a bit more modern tossing it on with a navy suit would look absolutely incredible. (Or swanky if that’s the word you prefer). The best part of the monkstrap? It’s not just for looks, it’s a fully-functional buckle which means you can control you shoe should you need a tighter or looser fit.

So what do you think of our summer shoe round-up? Make sure you stop into one of our locations, either The Haberdasher Limited in Green Bay, or Harleys in Milwaukee to pick up a pair of any of these great shoes. Can’t stop in? That’s okay you can call us at: The Haberdasher - (920) 437-9661 or Harleys - (414) 332-3404


Have a great rest of the week,

- The Modern Man Team



June 06, 2018 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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