It’s January which means it’s time to make those pesky resolutions that come around once a year. Instead of putting things on our list like “Eat a salad everyday” we thought we would give you some realistic ideas for New Years Resolutions to tackle in 2019.
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1. Drink more beer
This one is pretty self explanatory. Who doesn’t want to drink more beer?
2. Cancel your gym membership
If you’re someone who loves making it to the gym every morning then go ahead and keep that up. Good for you. But if you’re realistically not going to make it, why waste $100 a month on something you’re not using? Put it towards the first resolution.
3. Get outside more
Since you canceled your gym membership, and putting the money you saved towards resolution #1, try adding this one in too… Drink beer outside. We promise you it’s a great idea.
4. Go to more sporting events
First of all you get to cheer your favorite team on, whether that’s your son’s little league game or a Brewers game this summer. Who doesn’t love making more memories. Plus we heard there’s beer at Miller Park.
5. Cook an extra meal at home each week
It’s great to have quality time with the family or to challenge yourself to make a new dish and brush up on those Iron Chef skills. Also, you can drink a beer. 
So what do you think about these ideas? We personally are very on board with them! Leave a comment down below letting us know what your resolutions for 2019 are looking like!
- The Modern Man Team
January 08, 2019 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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