The short answer is: yes, you can.

Nowadays it is common for many grooms, in and outside of Wisconsin, to opt for a suit rather than a tuxedo for their big day. A lot of men simply feel more comfortable in a suit. Others say they want something they can get use of after the wedding.

The idea of wearing the suit you got married in to the office is well…kinda wince inducing…but subbing a suit for a tux on your wedding day is completely acceptable. You just need to know how to do it.

There are several things that can take a suit from everyday wear to wedding formal:

Emphasize the accessories.
Elevate a suit with accessories. Add some cufflinks, a pocket square that matches the bridal colors, a bowtie, and the right shoes.

Nail the fit.
A suit that fits impeccably is a must. We can almost guarantee that anything you pull off the rack will be need to be tweaked in a spot or two, so plan to take it to a tailor.

Up the ante with the fabric.
Cheap fabric means a cheap suit, even if you paid gobs of money for it. Make sure you pick high-quality material that looks good.

Get it made to measure.
You don’t know just how well a suit can fit until you have one made just for you. Harleys offers made to measure services, which means one of our superb in-house tailors takes all of your measurements so that the suit fits you like a glove. Meanwhile, you choose the fabric, color, and style.

And you thought getting her to say “yes” was the complicated part…

Only kidding. Picking the right suit for your wedding day isn’t complicated if you come to Harleys. We pride ourselves on removing the hassle, and making you feel good about your big day. So come see us.

January 17, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
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