One of the most popular brands at Harleys in Shorewood is Vince, and since its Spring 2014 collection was just released, I figured now is a great time to blog about it (hint, hint: there is lots of new Vince stuff for you peruse in the store).

Vince menswear has perfected the “casual but sophisticated but edgy” look. Kinda like James Dean. Yes, Vince makes you look just like James Dean. Promise.

Vince excels at luxury basics, most notably with its cashmere sweaters in plush neutrals and jeans that fit and feel like a warm spring day (also, Vince has stood strong against the ultra skinny trend—a most admirable stance). It is one of those brands that you’ll keep in your closet for eternity because it is classic and high quality.

To me, the name “Vince” alone makes a statement. The name “Vincent” is derived from the Latin term vincere, which means, “to conquer,” and I don’t know about you, but when I imagine a guy named Vince, I think of a sophisticated, successful guy (maybe even a bit of a playboy if he gets carried away) who conquers work, love, and play with ease and style.

It sounds like a corny lead for an advertorial, but in the case of Vince, it’s true. Classy, successful guys wear Vince. If James Dean were still around today, I bet he’d wear Vince. OK, maybe this is pure conjecture, but it is in the realm of possibility…

Anyway, come in and check out Harleys' Vince pieces. Maybe a few new duds will make you the James Dean of Wisconsin.

February 12, 2014 — D W Haberdasher Limited
Tags: Brands

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