XC4® Lancer Wingtip

SKU: 246202

The Johnston & Murphy XC4 Lancer Wingtip offers breathable and waterproof XC4® construction, along with cushioning and temperature-regulating technology. The Smart Degree Technology® ensures optimal comfort by adjusting to temperature changes. The TRUFOAM™ midsole provides lightweight comfort and enhanced cushioning. With a removable triple-density footbed and adjustable dual-width fit, these shoes offer a customizable and comfortable experience.
  • Breathable, waterproof XC4® construction with exclusive cushioning and temperature-regulating technology.
  • Smart Degree Technology®  provides effective temperature control—cooling when hot, warming when cold—ensuring ideal comfort all the time.
  • TRUFOAM™ midsole offers lightweight comfort and revolutionary cushioning for a noticeably bouncier feel.
  • Removable, triple-density footbed. 
  • Adjustable dual-width fit. 
  • Rubber sole.