There’s a little known theory about how Sean Connery prepared for his role as James Bond.

When he first started preparing for the films, he wasn’t accustomed to the tuxedos and other formalwear he had to wear throughout most of the filming. This was important, as James Bond is known for always being smooth debonair; and never ever caught looking uncomfortable. So, in order to make himself more comfortable in Bond’s shoes, Connery slept in tuxedos and suits to make him and the designer menswear more “at one” with each other. It worked, and Connery is one of the most beloved Bonds to this day.

You probably don’t want to sleep in your clothes, but there is a way to get suits and tuxedos that will feel as though you’ve “become one with them.” That is to buy custom clothing.

Custom clothes feel as though they’re one with you, because they practically are. Not to the point where you spend 24 hours a day with them maybe, but definitely as though they were made for you. Because that they 100% are! With custom clothes and made to measure clothing you get to choose the style, the cut, the fabric, and patterns and colors too. Custom clothes feel like they’re you, because they are – without ever having to worry about sleeping in them!


March 18, 2013 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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