Many men in Shorewood and Milwaukee shy away from made-to-measure suiting and clothing for three main reasons. The first is fear of price, second is fear of time, and the third (and probably most common) is not knowing what the heck made-to-measure is anyway.

So, what is made-to-measure?

We’ll start by addressing the third issue, and then work our way back. Made-to-measure means clothing made from a standardized pattern that is adjusted (tailored) to the individual wearer. Say if the arms need to be shortened or the waist taken in, it will be done when the garment is being produced, not after. Also, another difference between made-to-measure and ready-to-wear (or “off the rack”) clothing is that the wearer gets to choose the fabric, color, buttons, etc.

The best reason to have your clothes made-to-measure is fit. Fit is everything when it comes to clothes—especially suits—and made-to-measure nails the fit every time. Our tailoring staff take approximately 15 different measurements to ensure whatever garment you are purchasing fits like a glove, and can tweak it if, when it comes in, you decide you want it a little different.

Learn more about the specifics of made-to-measure here.

Is made-to-measure clothing time consuming?

Made-to-measure can actually save time, as opposed to buying off the rack, because you get what you want the first go-round. It also saves time down the road. Because we keep all your measurements on file here at Harleys, the next time you need something made we just look up your specs and send off your order.

Also, the staff at Harleys guide you through fabric swatches, vent options, buttons and other details, because we know so many choices can be overwhelming. But we’re experts and know what to do, so you can relax.

Is made-to-measure clothing expensive?

Lastly, as for cost, Harleys has a number of different price points, so whether you are a high-ranking executive or a talented rookie on the up and up, we have pricing options that should fit as well as your customized garment.

Harleys carries an extensive selections of made-to-measure designer brands, including Corneliani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Jack Victor, Luigi Bianchi, Measure Up Custom Shirtmakers and Trussini.

Do you have more questions about our made-to-measure clothing options? Come see us or give us a call.

As always, we look forward to helping you.

January 29, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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