Today, a man can never have too many dress shirts. In fact, The Wall Street Journal published an article, “The Dress Shirt’s Big Moment,” and in it quoted shirt makers as saying the average number of shirts a man should have in his closet is 20.

That might sound high, but consider the math provided to justify the number. The article’s author, style reporter Ray A. Smith writes, “[Shirt makers’] considerations include a man’s need to wear a clean shirt for five business days and have another five for the next week, while the dirty ones are sent out for laundering. The average life expectancy of a shirt is about 35 to 50 washes, or roughly two years, figures the Drycleaning & Laundry Institute, a Laurel, Md., trade group.”

Because of the surge in demand for men’s dress shirts, naturally there has been a rise in supply, creating an overwhelming plethora of dress shirts to choose from. In fashion, with quantity usually comes poor quality, so the best way to ensure your dress shirts are top-shelf is to have them made to measure.

When you have your shirt made to measure, you choose the fabric, buttons and other details while our tailors take your measurements and help you find the perfect fit. Then we send it off to be made just for you, and in 4 to 8 weeks when it arrives, you have a high-quality shirt that fits you like a glove.

A shirt that is expertly constructed and fits you perfectly is the best kind of shirt to have. You can definitely never have too many of those.

January 29, 2015 — D W Haberdasher Limited

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